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Originally Posted by bpdcop100 View Post
This is my 4th gen 5 camaro. The clutch feels the same to me. The hill brake thing takes some time to get use to. Please let me know if you have the same trouble I am having with te 1LE and lack of tire grip when cold. And post the 1/4 mile times when you have them. I agree the car is much quicker in acceleration do to the gearing.
Yes I have no grip until the tires are warmed up. It can get a little sketchy when they are cold. My 13 had the hill assist start so I am use to that but the clutch feels way different and very soft. Im going to beat on it a little when I get home and see if that helps. How many miles did your car have when you took delivery? I wont have any times until spring. I dont think any tracks are open.
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