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Right. You get so much more with the ZL1 than just the power. Even in their own dyno graph it shows the stock ZL1 car has more drivable torque than the turbo car. The graph shows the motor is running out of turbo at the top end. note how the power is dropping off on the turbo motor 5700 RPM

If the price is right than yes this all looks great. I have a vert SS. A vert ZL1 was 80k (if you could get one) I paid 50K, For 30K I can make my car kill a ZL1 in a straight line but can you really make it faster and handle better and still ride better and all the rest? Not sure. I know I will have 90 or 100K in total once I am done trying

AND i will be happy because it will be unique and I can say I did it my way,

BUT if I just wanted a bad car The easy way would have been ZL1 Vert with an intake and pulley upgrade. It would have been fast, had the warranty (more than less) but look like the rest
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