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Originally Posted by Triton2110 View Post
I found the crayon letters you spoke of LG-1 (light green interior??) Or does this mean something else???
Very cool! Yes, you have the Style Trim group option due to the "1" crayon marking and the "LG" part of the crayon marking makes sense due to the rare "721" Light Green standard interior color you have. This would have been an "X-11" Norwood tag code if it had been built later when they started putting the X-codes on the trim tags. Nobody has published any research on this early pre-X code crayon markings but from what I have seen over the years is that these trim codes were marked on the body so the Fisher production line would know what to build. They added the style trim pieces to the rear half of the car and sprayed the exposed interior metal parts light green on the Fisher body side of the assembly line. There are parts of the interior that need to be painted to match the interior color and this seems to be a way to communicate that information for workers at the beginning of the line. Just my opinion from looking at the few examples over the years. Again, this has never been fully researched.

My '69 was originally "79" code Rally Green with the very rare "722" Light Green Comfortweave interior. I doubt if anyone has ever even seen one like that. It is rare for a reason. The car was built in the first week of October '68 so mine is also too early for the X-codes on the trim tag. The crayon marking is "LG7" on the rear bulkhead so it had the light green interior color paint and the "7" decodes to Z/28 without style trim or RS.

My car was already repainted black and the interior had been partially replaced/re-dyed to black before I got it in the late 70's. I didn't love the original color combo much at the time and the pieces are impossible to find in that rare color so it just didn't make sense for me to try to put it back to original when I restored it. I apologise in advance to the Camaro restoration purists out there. The car is now Lemans Blue/White with Houndstooth interior .

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