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UPDATE : I ordered my SP 1 7/8'' Long Tube Headers during Black Friday and got them for a killer deal.

I did my inspection of the system, and I was impressed with the design, the quality, and the fitment of the system.

I didn't take as many pictures as I wanted to, because I was more focused on the installation, but I think I did enough justice.

The install wasn't too bad; I definitely recommend anyone who is doing it, to use a lift, and have a buddy to help out. There are some parts that I wonder how people do it by themselves. And as far as the infamous "dipstick tube" installation which everyone said was a PITA, we had the dipstick tube back in in less than 2 minutes. But then we found out we had to grind down the bracket a little to get the tube to mount back to the block.

Overall, I am happy with the looks, and definitely happy with the sound of my LTs!

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