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Originally Posted by el ess X View Post
Ok, so I got to ask, if no headers (assume they're coming?), then what would be the point of this exhaust if it's "quieter" than stock? Or does it flow better? I know the claim is 7 or 8 hp, but is it worth the hefty price tag?

Just askin', don't shoot me.

No problem, glad to answer, I thought this would be a simple bolt on and sound better...heck on the web site it sounded great, in cab it is quiter, no doubt about it. outside sounds about the same, little raspyer. The flow is much better than stock, 3 inch all the way back. But there are clearance issues that I am having the shop take care of, I am happy with it, but disapointed that it was not what I thought. Oh well....I will get it fixed and be tearing up the
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