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COTW 12/3/12
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Originally Posted by Ghost1LE View Post
Congrats Deke, as you already know I love your car and I think the Red Calipers might be a problem, we might have twin cars at that point, except yours has 580 HP

I can't wait to see it with the red calipers! They are sitting on my front porch waiting for me and I am flying out tonight!!! The suspense is killing me!

Originally Posted by laditee View Post
Very very nice ride....well deserved...congrats on COTW....definitely worth it
This means a lot coming from you Laditee! Your car is awesome!

Originally Posted by LAWMAN View Post
Your car looks great!!,good color and love the flat blk.stripes,
Thanks! I love the flat black elements on AGM!

Originally Posted by tramtwo View Post

Originally Posted by SSTG View Post
Congrats Matt!!!
Well deserved my friend!
Thanks Seth! I appreciate your help in making it look bad@ss!

Originally Posted by pierre777 View Post
Congrats bro car looks killer sick .
Thanks Pierre! I appreciate your ongoing support!

Originally Posted by Dznts View Post
Congrats on COTW! much deserved!
Thanks a lot!!!

Originally Posted by Mr.HOGG_T1&O View Post
Pure Hotness!!!! Great Job!!!!
I definitely appreciate the kind words!!

Originally Posted by Joco28 View Post
That car looks sick with the red halos + grill lights

Thanks Joco! Now I need to figure out what's next (I've got a few itdeas in mind)!!!

It really means a lot to me to get so many compliments!
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