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Originally Posted by joefresh22 View Post
I am doing the zl1 front end conversion and was wondering if i should keep my stock RS grille or put on a heritage grille?

My car in the first picture.

I would go with the stock RS grille or the ZL1 grille.

I'm not a fan of the Heritage-the grille doesn't seem to go together with the ZL1's bumper grille. It's a retro-looking piece while the rest of the car has a modern look. If you do go with the Heritage, I think it looks best unpainted/natural color. But then you have to decide which badge(s) you want to leave on or off.

I went with the stock grille to save some time and money. I did not want to slap an emblem on the ZL1 grille or have one customized. I haven't seen one that I like yet. The stock grille looks good the way it is and pays homage to the original ZL1 look. Does the ZL1 grille flow any better than the stock grille?

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