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Exclamation 70 Camaros reported at Wentzville, MO Rail Yard

Okay guys, I went by after work(around 3:30) to the Wentzville, MO rail yard and after driving around in circles for about 30 minutes, finally discovered the Camaros that have been sitting at the Wentzville rail yard in the Norfolk & Southern distribution center. Spoke with an employee there who stated that there are over 70 Camaros sitting waiting to get delivered. Now, they wouldn't let me in as apparently word has spread of the Camaros being there, so I had to take a picture from a distance; and they have parked most of the Camaros far away to keep people from trying to a close look... Anyway, here are my pictures I took in original quality so you can zoom in on the one's that are far away...

Just a note: depending on how long some of those Camaros have been there, around the St. Louis area there have been some severe thunderstorms that have passed thru as well as some that are predicted tonight and Friday.... don't mean to scare anyone, but if you know your car came from Wentzville, check closely for any hail damage.
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