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Got a scratch on SIM! What to do?

Like an idiot, I was backing up in my own shared driveway today, and didn't see another car which was parked in a bad spot where it shouldn't have been...and backed right into it.

I'll post picture later, but I have missing paint about 1/16" thick at the most and around 3" wide - right at the top of the bumper below the taillights at the point where the bumper returns in. Right on that edge.

Should I try touch up paint or just take it to a professional? About how much would that cost to repair if there are any auto body people here? The scratch took off all the paint to the black bumper.

I can't believe it only took 2 weeks for something to happen - luckily it's super minor but I'm still pissed at myself since I've been being extremely careful with it - I guess no careful enough though.
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