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I'm in hotel yes

Originally Posted by edog View Post
Here we go again! Mid-Atlantic to Indy!!! Who will join us?

For many of us, last year was a blast. We had 11 months to plan, and the Mid Atlantic group together with some great groups from around the contry and Canada came together and created one hell of a caravan. It was the largest I had ever coordinated or participated in (106 cars exiting Dayton Oh to Indy). With that being said, we learned a lot and I hope you will agree, some changes could be made to ensure safety and limit risk.

For those coming from the Mid-Atlantic, North East and Canadian areas who would like to join us, I propose a few different caravans meeting up at a location close to Indy. (The map with travel and meeting points will be posted soon.)

We learned a lot last year. One thing we learned is "size matters"...I just thought it was a myth...Who knew! I propose multiple groups meeting up at a location close to Indy and coordinating a cruise into our final destination. Somewhat like last year, but as we exit the hotel we exit in smaller sections with gaps between the groups. I really like the scout group that went ahead of us after a while. It helped to know what was ahead.

Second lesson learned was a 35 mile range walkie talkie barely extends 3 miles on the highway...Thanks to all those who worked to keep people informed during the ride. I believe a CB radio of some sort is necessary to communicate further distances to those in the rear. Also, a CB can help get info about road conditions, traffic from truckers, and listen to see if any truckers are being impacted by our caravan. I am probably overthinking this one, but I bet I can get a CB with a scanner as well to listen for word of Indy's finest hitting the scene. Maybe this year I will coordinate our entry and ask for a escort into the city. Maybe...

Third and and a very important lesson learned is, most of us were beginners driving in Caravans this long. There were some more comfortable than others, and some less patient. In large groups, we must learn to drive in our comfort zone. Space is our friend. It is ok to allow others to move in and out of the caravan. If we have adequate space between each other it requires very little to adjust and ensure safety. If the person in front of you is not keeping pace, simply drive around them and let them fall to the rear. They will create a seperate group. We all have the address where we are going, so we will meet back up at different points. Also very important...If the leader drops to the rear to get video, it is not required for him to get back to the front as fast as possible(took 13 miles):(.

So, who is going???

Should we stay at a hotel on the night of July 31st like last time to hang out with each other or drive straight into Indy?

We will stick to major highways this time.

Can we get a group leader from Pennsylvania, Maryland, and Northern Va to lead respective groups?

I am excited about this trip. With the exception of the minor issues of this year, I had a great time and thought it was an awesome caravan. In speaking with most of you, the feeling was the same. Who wants to do it again?

Stay tuned, More to come...

List of attendees so far. Please state if you are attending, where you reside, and if you would like to stay at a hotel the night of July 31st to drive into Indy as a group. (no flaming my post!!!) LOL
1. Edog...Fredericksburg VA
2. Jus1dab...Richmond VA
3. Kevin1106...Laplata MD
4. Thesnoopster...Stafford VA
5. CruznSS...Gloucester VA
6. twoblindsheep...Dover DE
7. masonacdc...Hurricane WV
8. rdblan2...MD
9. Mudderfinger...VA
10. cm5217...Waldorf MD
11. Awesome_SS...Yorktown Va
12. cyber_Camaro5...Frederick MD
13. dorfmac...Baltimore MD
14. insidethreat07...Dayton OH
15. FIREICE11...Waldorf MD
16. SSSoon...Charlottesville VA
17. Top Thrill...Chesapeake Va
18. jewelSS1992...Woodbridge VA
19. Inferno Orange 2SS-RS
20. Cruz'n 45th...Fredericksburg VA
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