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Originally Posted by Ocikat View Post
The filters on CAI products are a permanent filter and won't need to be replaced, they do however need to be washed and reoiled, instructions for doing this are included in your CAI, cleaning ( recharge ) kits are available thru CAI directly or thru any of their dealers such as APEX.

Perhaps Mr Bill would be so kind as to post the instruction on this thread for you.

Instructions are on the CAI website, here they are;

and here is a link to the recharge kit on their site,

How do I clean or recharge my CAI Inc. High Performance Oiled Air Filter?
**Before starting ensure to use the proper safety precautions such as gloves and safety glasses. ONLY A CAI INC. BRAND RECHARGE KIT SHOULD BE USED ON CAI INC. OILED FILTERS**
Step 1. Remove - Remove the filter from your vehicle and ensure that no dirt or other debris enters the intake tube while the filter is off.
Step 2. Pre-Clean - Using your hand and/or compressed air (no more than 100 psi using a standard air nozzle) remove the larger visible debris from the outside of the filter. When using compressed air keep the nozzle at least 6” from the filter media.
Step 3. Clean - Spray the outside of the filter with the supplied CAI Inc. cleaning solution until the entire outer filter media is evenly saturated. Allow the filter to rest so the solution can soak in for 15 minutes.
Step 4. Rinse - Rinse the Filter with warm water by running the water from the clean side of the filter thru to the dirty side of the filter, so that the water can flush the dirt out and off of the filter.
Step 5. Dry - Allow the filter to air dry naturally. (DO NOT use heat sources in attempt to dry the filter faster as this may damage the filter media fibers and/or shrink them.)
Step 6. Oil – Once dry, apply the supplied CAI Inc. oil solution to the outside of the filter media using 1 spray for every 2 square inches of filter media. DO NOT OVER OIL
Step 7. Dry – Allow oiled filter to dry for 30 minutes so that oil can soak into and “recharge” the filter media. You should be able to handle the filter without the oil coming off on your hands, once this is the case your filter is ready to be reinstalled.
Step 8. Reinstall – Properly reinstall your recharged filter and make sure all connections are tight.
Great response, I couldn't have said it better myself!
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