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i think the prices of these things may need to be reduced if you want to keep costumers.
I agree that these are defintley better quality than the other replica wheel that are being produced by Factory reproductions , and also you guys are having them powdercoated which is anpther strong point for you guys.But at the end of the day, most people are going to go for the one that is $700 cheaper. I believe that its smarter to get the quality rims from you guys and pay extra but not ABOUT $700 plus extra. your price: 1695+ shipping(about 160)= 1885 AND that price DOES NOT include sensors OR lugnuts. And than get tires that are ridiculously priced. which is probably another 1100 for tires. which comes to about $2995 not included lugnuts and sensors. Im not saying you need to match FactoryRep in price for the wheels but maybe reduce that 1695 price tag, you will get more costumers because than paying the extra 2/300 doesnt seem to bad , instead of 700extra.. Also, for the price of there wheels, you can get 2 sets(8 wheels) for the price of 1600. which is still cheaper. And than people can have them powdercoated and still be cheaper plus theres more options so that means more tire options. that are cheaper or re use the pirellis. Just trying to help out..
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