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Originally Posted by BiGDaWgZ View Post
True...but early reports are that the other wheel weighs within 1 pound or so...of the original FORGED GM I'm guessing they're either pressure cast or rotary forged to be that light.

If this wheel can beat that weight...then I'd understand that as a point..but if not....

As to people commenting on where the wheels are made...alot..if not MOST..... FACTORY wheels are being made in CHINA now...

I guess I might be a "Certain Demographic" type of customer (sounds almost condecending)...because I want a wheel that looks like the ZL1 wheel...for the best price??
Factory reproductions are not rotary forged. The price would not be that good, look up some reviews on factory reproductions and youll see some very odd things happen to them, chrome flake off , black paint fades, etc.
Originally Posted by cota0429 View Post
Thanks for posting that ^ I missed that post somewhere down the line. Gives a better explanation why the price difference is much more. Still there isn't 100% clarification as to where the LG is being made. Is it worth the extra money still? Thats a question we all need to answer for ourselves.
Exactly my thoughts, do it hink its worth the 1695, no, maybe theyll reduce it a little.
Originally Posted by BiGDaWgZ View Post
I've looked at the pics of both versions of these wheels quite a bit... and I can't see where this "quality" difference is that you're referring to???

Please be specific and let me know what quality feature it is that you're actually referring to.

I'm not trying to beat a dead horse here...I'm just curious as to how people can make these types of claims when neither one of the wheels are out on the market yet???
DUDE look at both wheels, no that hard. you dont think its fishy at all thats there priced at 799?! not saying there bad wheels but not the greatest quality, it may do the job but you may be spending more down the road to repair finishes, ETC.
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