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Originally Posted by Dangeruss View Post

Not boring at all. I'm not a big Rolex guy, but I definitely love my Omega PO 9300.
That's a beautiful 9300!!!

I prefer Omega over Rolex as well. The only reason I even have some is because my grandfather left them to me, of course back then they were the shizzle!

My favorite is the Seamaster, I love the wave face on the newer models. Here's one of the boxes with a few favs, the white face Seamaster Chrono and a custom I made up with sapphires & diamonds on a mother of pearl face.
Wow, I can't even believe we're even talking watches on here and to find someone with such good taste in watches & cars is a bonus!! But I collect a lot of things, sneakers, sports memorabilia, surf/skate stuff, certain artists, or does that just mean I don't throw things out

Now back to that BADASS car of yours......
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