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Hello All,

I'm making a shift to more performance oriented wheels as my power level has increased well beyond the 22s lol. To be upfront the rims have some damage mainly on the inside of the rim where you can't see from shipping, sadly the person that sent them to me did not insure them so I was stuck. They can be easily sanded and refinished but in all honesty you'll never see it as its on the inside of the wheel.

One or two rock dings in the front right rim, and a scuff on each rear wheels from rubbing up against a curb. Other than that normal wear a tear. Your welcome to come and see the wheels on the car in person if your local. Will ship but I'd like to sell locally if possible.

I'd like to get $1800 for the rims only. Buyer Covers Shipping.

Wheels are SOLD.

I remembered I sent some images to the guy I got them from them after UPS did their handy work to them. I don't know how they damn material literally ripped looked like they were sliding them around on the ground. Maybe it makes sense to ROLL a wheel? The damage cannot be seen when mounted as they are on the inside of the rim. Never got them refinished because at the time I didn't have second set to mount in the mean time.

This Rim Has the Damage from shipping:

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