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I called the dealer today to see if there was any progress on the wheel, I asked to talk to the parts guy that I been in contact with the last few weeks, he was on the phone so I left my information with another parts guy who told me he would call me back.

When I received a call back it was the service advisor I originally spoken with, he told me that GM was requiring pictures and I needed to bring the car back, the temperature was in the low 30's today and it is a 60 mile drive round trip. I asked if I could take the pictures and email them to him, he said fine. He said he never heard anything about cold weather affecting the tires, I told him that goodyear had a bulletin about it.

I am officially starting over with the warranty process, I guess GM did not trust the dealers opinion about the wheel. I tried calling the GM rep today but she didn't answer and did not return my call. The dealer and the GM rep clearly are not on the same page, this is the first GM product that I had in about 20 years and I have to say that I received better service with Ford over the years.
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