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my turbo build. "Project fastest street 5th gen" UPDATE: 03/25/13

UPDATE POST 10/27/13 post #488
I sold my silver fourth gen to start a new project. My 2010 Camaro I have had since new. It was my DD for about 8 months, after that I just drove it when the 2002 was down. Well now its time to spot light it. Trying to make tx2k13. Rundown on what I am doing.

-custom front mount turbo setup retaining everything but a/c but will keep if i can.
-Precision X275 88MM turbo
-Chisled 36x5 air/air intercooler
-Squash performance E85 in tank pump
-G-Force 9 inch IRS rear end (most likely)

I will update thread with pictures as we go.

The car:

Squash performance 1400hp E85 in tank setup. Very good guy to deal with and carries a nice warranty on the pump.

Had some parts show up.
PTC TH400/CONVERTER: Trans has all the good stuff in it

Chiseled performance 1300hp air/air intercooler


Finished tearing the car down last night, test fitted the intake. It will work perfect with the stock hood. Might switch to the 6061 elbow though.

Intercooler mounted
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