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UPDATE: The All-In-One harness can be special-ordered with the "High Beam Bypass" feature, so that when your Headlights are on High Beams, your DRLs automatically shut off.

In some states, it is illegal to have fog lights ON concurrently with High Beams.
When you have high power LED lights in your DRLs, and you have them on at night, they may look like fog lights.

To avoid having that discussion with the local police or State Inspection station staff, we can build your All-In-One Harness with this feature upon request. No extra charge.

Instead of providing the option for an external switch for DRL On/Off control, we will wire the DRL control to the High Beam Enable signal that feeds the headlights. Whenever High Beams are ON, DRLs will be OFF.

If you require this option, please specify "High Beam Bypass" when you send us your order request.

NOTE: The High Beam Bypass option requires the use of LED DRL bulbs. It will not work with the yellowish OEM filament bulbs.


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