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--Wheel Hop Solution from LG Motorsports--

Running into wheel hop issues with your Camaro?

Tried LCA's, tires, toe links and still having issues? This bolt on solution is just want you need to stiffen the entire rear suspension and chassis of your Camaro.

14 bolts and you are done! No modifications are required to your car, and much easier to do than dropping the entire rear cradle for bushing inserts

Our rear section kit is designed to positively locate, and hold the rear subframe and differential in place under heavy load. All Camaro owners know the issues facing the car with wheel hoop and chassis flex, and this is just the solution you have been looking for. By locking in the rear subframe and differential mount you will now be free of annoying wheel hoop and be able to put the power to the ground when you need it the most.

Made of lightweight rectangular tubing, our rear bracing is very strong without a penalty of a big weight increase.

How is this for a stiff chassis!!

Kit includes all mounting brackets, hardware, and instructions. Allows the use of the OEM cross brace.
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