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Originally Posted by Matt @ FSP View Post
Yep.. Vince has a custom OS to get around it. I was able to get the driver demand torque limitations gone from 6k+, but the brake stall off line and low RPM full throttle stuff no dice. Unfortunately I sent all my files in to HPT and its something that engineering has to look at, we're missing some tq limiter tables at this point. I was hoping EFILive may have it implemented, but I am unsure of that.

I was able to send Vince via excel spreadsheets my entire fuel/spark/idle/pe tables and he used all my values turned around into his custom OS. Problem now is that it cannot be modified because of the OS by any tuning suite but Vince's...
I'm sure Ryan and Aaron will figure something out. EFILive has been pretty responsive so far.

Originally Posted by Matt @ FSP View Post
On the V8's, I've been able to see 550-600rwhp out of this pump without a BAP. I've pushed 650rwhp with the BAP or ADM module w/ ZL1 pump... However, with the lift pump, these things are a beast of their own :P
That's what we are hoping. Aaron has tuned quite a few diesel's and thinks the in-tank pump is the bigger limitation at this point. We shall see.
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