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Originally Posted by Monchy36 View Post
Excellent DIY!!!!
Thank you very much! I have been browsing camaro5 since the day I got my car (3 weeks ago). So i thought it would be nice to give back to this awesome camaro community

Originally Posted by 2SSRS View Post
You did a good job on this can i use it on the site?
Hey Ofer! Absolutely You helped me so much with the harness that I will help you out in anyway possible. Thank you!

Originally Posted by sonnydurden View Post
Great DIY!!!!
Thanks Sonny!!

Originally Posted by rpomeroy View Post
Great write up Jon. You've really got me on the fence now about doing this. Question though. Did you bake your lights or buy a stock pair of RS lights to replace your orginals?
Hey rpomeroy, I did not bake my lights at all. I replaced the ENTIRE light. I had to buy the RS headlights from someone online. So I currently have 2 sets of headlights - (1) pair of RS headlights. & (1) pair of non-RS headlights. I am leasing my car so when I have to turn it back in (3 years from now) I will have to put my halogen headlights back in.

*EDIT* I have added pictures of where to mount the relay for your harness.

If anyone has any questions, please feel free to PM me or ask them in this thread
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