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Originally Posted by maldo818 View Post
Nice choice... I like the blue on the stang
Thanks Maldo818, it was the only color I really liked on the Mustang. It was sleek and casual but also sharp and thrilling at the same time. It's not even a exterior option on the 2013 Mustang which is crazy, Kona Blue looks amazing on the Mustang. The new Deep Impact Blue is too strong of a blue to me, the mellowness of Kona Blue was great.

Originally Posted by K32 Camaro View Post
I'e seen a members car on here with a really good Tron theme to it. You should search it b/c it's wayy farther than I would have gone. looks pretty cool.

I'm not a fan of orange but that pic you have of your car is gorgeous!

I'd like to hear more on your opinion on why you like the camaro over the mustang. I work with 4 ppl that drive mustangs and 0 with camaros.. I'm over run! :0
I'd love to see more Tron based Camaro's, I've only seen this one which I don't like too much ( I could only find one Tron based Camaro on here (white exterior with blue lighting), is that the one you were referring to?

The IOM is a funny color. If you catch it at the right angle and with a good amount of light, the finish really shines. I'm not that big of a orange fan either, but the Camaro does it really well for some reason!

The Camaro seems like it's built to a higher standard. I haven't had it long enough to see it's downsides, but I love what it's doing for me right now and it's a lot of fun to drive.

The interior for the most part feels very sturdy and of higher quality than the Mustang (weird since I've read a lot of reviews of people calling Camaro's interiors "cheap"). I do think those plastic orange panels with the ambient side lights could be made a bit better, but they look great and shouldn't see any damage.

I also love how smooth the Camaro rides on the road, it's less bumpy and less fidgety than the Mustang (maybe it has to do with being lower to the ground and it's mass compared to the Mustang).

One of my biggest positives from the Camaro is the comfort provided from the seats. My god have these seats saved my back , the Mustang always left me with an ache in my back after an hour or so of driving. This was one issue that I was hoping would go away after getting the Camaro, and I'm happy that it did!

I haven't really been able to push the Camaro yet, but I've noticed that it accelerates a lot smoother compared to the Mustang that had a lot more kick to it when I picked up speed. I do prefer the handling, steering, and steering wheel in the Mustang though, it felt more natural/practical compared to the Camaro...maybe I just need to get used to it? But the Camaro isn't bad by any means, just my preference so far.

I did a pros and cons list for each car last year when I decided on the Mustang, and last month when I decided on the Camaro. Both times the Mustang showed to be a better car for me, yet I am sitting in a Camaro now and I'm as happy as I could ever be . When I get into the Camaro, I feel it's built more like a machine ready for war, while the Mustang was more clean cut, simple, and agile but had just as much power as the Camaro. Apples and oranges really. One thing I do miss about the Mustang is their blind spot mirrors. One less thing to worry about when using those things.

Originally Posted by Sal329 View Post
Congrads on the new ride. I am sorry to hear about the house and car. I have many family and friends that are back home in NY/NJ. I grew up on Staten Island
Thanks Sal329. The hurricane was the most devastating thing I ever witnessed, one of the biggest NY/NJ tragedies for sure. I know Staten Island got hit really bad too, but there's been a lot of volunteer work out here and people are getting back on their feet now. At least everyone will be more prepared if another hurricane comes next time.

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