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When I was thinking about getting a new car, it was a toss up between the Camaro and Charger. I really liked the features of the Charger, especially the interior(in my opinion, it's better than the Camaro, honestly). Plus it's a four door, which would have maybe saved me some cash on insurance.

But my brother(works at a Chevy dealership), asked his manager if he could bring home a Camaro. I came home from work one day and there was a nice looking Silver Camaro in the driveway, and I took it for a drive, and that was that.

But for awhile there I was really leaning towards the Charger. I would have traded my 2003 Ford Ranger in and probably would have gotten the AWD V8 Charger, with leather and whatnot. But I kept my truck and bought a V6 Camaro instead.

I didn't even once consider that other car from Ford.... lol.
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