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Originally Posted by v8 View Post
the LS7 is a great engine, but it does have siamese cylinders. Does anyone know how it holds up to the LS3? I know stock it blows it away but how does the LS7 like boost?
It has sintered Ti rods, and can only go to 657 to 675 hp. I have one in my Z06, serious LS7 power comes by re-sleeving with stronger cylinder walls and lower compression to handle the 15 to 18 psi required to reach 750 to 850 RWHP. Thats serious money at +$20K.

You can easily get to 657FWHP with an Edlebrock SC, or various SC; but those lightweight rods will bend past 700 fwhp. That ok in a Z06 vette where 3260lb/675=4.86lb/hp; but in a car at 3900 lbs that yields 5,77 lb/hp.

Frankly an LSA pumped to 900 FWHP!!! in a Z06 seems to be a cheap route to ZR1 power on a diet 3260/900=3.62!. So to make a world beating Z29 they need to use an aluminum subframe and go on a serious diet. An LSA crate w/o sc goes for 10
k. SC'd 18 K?

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