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If i'm not mistaken wasn't the Synergy Green Camaro going to be a twin turbo v6 that was going to make 400 hp and get 30 mpg. I thought that was the reason for the color with the whole green thing going on around that time. The accent lighting in the interior was also green. Very sharp car. The last minute the engine was put on hold but
not the paint.
When I was at Barett Jackson last year I talked to one of the enginers who worked on the ZL1 project and when i asked if he was getting one, he just smiled and said he was waiting for 2014, so there might be some truth to the LS7 thing or maybe something even cooler.
I would think another option for a Z28 would be the LT1 bumped up a little to make it worth doing over the 426hp motor. Would be easier than the LS7 not being dry sump and not being hand built would be cheaper.
If there are left over LS7s, or they keep building them, why not a ZO6 C7 Vette?
I have always wanted to see another bad Z28, having a 71 RS/Z28 that my parents bought new for me for my 16th birthday which I still have, just hope it doesn't have an LS9. I would be very disappointed that I bought a new 2012 ZL1.
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