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I think this partial PDF was a deliberate leak by Chevy. This is a Christmas present from GM to all of us. Happy Holidays right back at you GM.

And has been said here there is more to come. GM has learned as Ford already knows to keep the good stuff coming to keep the interest in the car. Now they understand how this will generate direct and rub off sales in the future. This is such a break from the past in the old GM where the bean counters ran the show. There have been many dark days for Camaro fans until the last few years. And we can see how the Camaro will get even better over the next 5 years. Waiting for the ultimate Camaro will be a never ending game.

But the sweet spot is the 1SS 1LE. World class performance at a somewhat affordable price. And this will continue once the LS7 Camaro comes out. Now dealers will stop trying to gouge 1LE customers with ADM. There is a new hot Camaro on the block.

Good luck finding an LS7 Camaro under $50K. There will only be a limited number of these if it is true that there is cap on LS7 production. But maybe that is the best fate for the Z28. It will be car that most of us can only salivate over when it crosses the block at Mechum. It is probably more interesting to admire Angelina from afar rather than actually go out with her.
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