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Originally Posted by tramtwo View Post
I only raise the issue because the vin card has no new "trims." So if the hype is true and to polish the language. Would the Z28 be offered as an option and not a trim? Similar to what the 1LE is?

That can't be right can it?

Could the LS7 equipped Camaro be anything other than a Z28?
Samething I was thinking...

Originally Posted by Brian 1LE SS View Post
I was at the dealership today looking at a 1le, glad I didnt buy it. They also wanted to much. 5k mark up. I wonder what the price will be for an ls7 camaro. It better be below $50k. I am thinking around $45k would be perfect.
Sounds like you need to change your username. $5k mark up? Order one, or you can find some for below invoice.

Originally Posted by adamgl View Post
It's a no no. But heads, cam, headers, intake can get you 550 - 600 RWHP (Mainly depending on the cam). Just need to watch out for the valve guide issues. I'm putting aftermarket heads w/ solid SS exhaust valves on mine this winter.

A 1LE + LS7 would be one bad ass Camaro.
1LE + LS3 is bad ass too, no?

Originally Posted by Mr. Wyndham View Post
I just received a note from our friends on the Camaro team.

They'd like everyone to know that this VIN card is not accurate, or complete. It's an early draft that was never meant to be used for anything but development of the 2014 VIN sequence. To quote a portion of the message:

"It is not the final document, as it does not include a complete or accurate list of models or content. As you can imagine, the VIN card requires a tremendous amount of collaboration to verify the production information for each model across all four GM brands sold worldwide.

Rest assured, when we finalize the 2014 VIN card, it will be complete and factually accurate."

So that adds one more piece of information to chew on and what this all means, if anything....
It means that, that VIN card is accurate for the Camaro.

Originally Posted by Mikes SS View Post
Attachment 454546

Attachment 454547

notice the highlight area???? The Book code for the camaro is 8E, and the Camaro VIN card shows the LS7 as does it correlate with the passenger car engine table!!
I don't see the LS3 in that....
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