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Some updates 12-23-2012

First off, decided to name the car Oya. That's the name of an African goddess of the tempest. Seemed fitting since I hope she will be a little tempest with the turbos on her.

Second of all, the pistons and intake box are done and ready to go in the car. Then intake is completely different. We decided to remove one of the cross supports from the front and weld in a chrome/moly tube in it's place. This allowed us to bend the tube down so we could fit this in.

Name:  Intake_Box.jpg
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It accepts a flat K&N filter the size of the opening you see there. The cover is removable and can be switched so that the opening faces rearward (street use) or forward (track use). It uses Zeus clips so it will only take a minute or two to switch it around.

Next are the pistons. The new ones are forged and have very smooth surfaces to cut down on heat build up.

Name:  Piston_Comparison.jpg
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The ringlands are significantly improved

Name:  New_Ringlands.jpg
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and everything that could be beefed up was

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Name:  Forged_Piston_3.jpg
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