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Thanks guys! I went for a nice drive today and WOW. Friggin awesome. I want more power already!! Lol

JRE tune is amazing. Car feels 100% stock until get really get into it more than 1/4 throttle, 2500rpms or so. Then, good lord, it's like opening the gates of hell. The engine roars to life, the whine get louder and then, traction willing, the car pushes you back into your seat and, oh shit, I need to slow down.

I'll admit, in the rain, it's just plain insane trying to drive. But only if you dip too far in the throttle. Otherwise, it's just like stock.

Tired to shoot a video, camera fell into the floor from the acceleration. I LoL'd.

I'll get a passenger to film for me.

Also need to do some data logging and get Ted to take a look at the tune. All my gauges look fine. I think (hope) m boost gauge is wrong. Need to check the settings.

Wow, forgot how nice it is to be surprised by m car.

Installed at 30,107 miles.

Merry Christmas everyone!
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