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Originally Posted by tramtwo View Post
Today I installed my CAI cai.

First off check out how clean the intake is. Been running a catch can since about mile 50.

The 2013 has a ground wire that is routed different than on my 2011. To use this cai it needs to be rerouted.

Plugged in the vapor tube. Just used a little tape to hold it in place. Will get heat shrink and make it more permanent.
I got the CAI inc CAI as well, and it came with the heat shrink, so I just put it on and let it hang out, as I planned to get a heat gun later on, but I drove to Thibodaux for christmas, and the heat in the engine compartment was enough to heat shrink it for me haha.

So just put the heat shrink on there in the correct place and go driving around, itll shrink just right lol
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