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Originally Posted by BaylorCamaro View Post
While I agree that they aren't much to look at, no one can argue with the performance the GT-R provides. Damn impressive. The mentality that V8 trumps all is going to have to die and it will be in our life time. The days of V8s in normal consumer cars are limited. Just a matter of when, not if.

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Your statement is true but it won't stop me from always having a V 8... I don't mind buying used cars, they don't have to be new...
And if ya look at my previous quote you'll see that I put there ugly can care less How fast they are.... so no arguing here about there performance..
That means shit anyways,, remember fast and furious junk.. you can make civics into 9 second cars, and I'm surely still going to when I see one!!!
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