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Originally Posted by jbynum69
I love the news and all, but, are they kidding on the release date!!!
I hate waiting and especially over 2 yrs before I can get one to drive out in.
Don't get me wrong, I love the news and have already shed a tear of joy , but I have this complex of life is unpredictable and there is no telling what the future of our economy us going to be like in 09 . I also note that the challenger and the cobra will be out at least a year before this .
I think and just thoughts ,but if the camaro is to really take off and be our kind of camaro , then the date should be more 08 than 09 .
Also were is this going to be built? I have an05 gto and its made in australia and the car sales suck and the parts are outragous in price. If they build it here in the detroit area , they should send it off with a slogan like this

(clear throat) finally an all american muscle car for the ages, that america can be proud of , You've wanted it now here it is , the all new 09 camaro . let those cobra's get stomped and those challenger's go back in to outer space.

Just my 2 cents worth!!

Nice slogan, are you in advertising?

I have to agree with everything you said... 09 seems so far away, but when you stop and think about it, 09 is only 28 months down the road (A drop in the bucket), but like you stated, a lot can happen in 2.25 years.

I planed on waiting a year after the Camaros launch and buy mine in mid to late 08. Now it looks like I will be ordering the first production released...
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