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Originally Posted by KMPrenger View Post
Yes, the Camaro is too heavy...unfortunately the Zeta chasis they used was/is heavy. Its really the only thing that holds this car back from being top dog even with the Mustangs performing as good as they do....I mean look at how well the Camaros are performing even with the additional weight.

As to your question about whether or not GM is going to do anything. I'd say the answer is yes and no. You won't see the 5th gen going on a big weight loss. But I bet we see more tweaks and what not before the 6th gen arrives. (LS7 engine anyone??)

The next generation Camaro...the 6th gen, will be built on a lighter chasis. Most likely the Alpha platform, and based on the Cadillac ATS, which is built on the Alpha platform as well, I think we could see a base Camaro in the 3,300 to 3,400 lb range for sure. A V8 equipped model likely in the 3,500+ lb range. I can't wait!

the 2.0t ats is 3500 + why would a v8 Camaro weigh 3500+ more like 3700
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