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Free parts.....

Hey guys I have parts which I have removed from my car and if anybody wants them, they welcome to them. Local pick up only. PM if interested.

Radiator - Scraped
Complete exhuast - Scraped
Fuel rails - Gone
Spark plug cables - Gone
Stock shifter - Gone
Sway bars - Gone
Rear lower control arms - Gone

I will have more stuff available as I go. Local pick up only - will not ship

In the meantime, if I don't hear back from anybody, I will probably take the exhuast to the scrap yard.

PS, I'm not planning on shipping anything, so ideally local pickup.

EDIT: 4-28-2013
stock crank - Gone
rods - Gone
pistons - Gone
cam - Gone
factory clutch - Gone
Drive Shaft - available

If I think of more stuff, I will post it.

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