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Converted over to the FE4 rear suspension and used Pedders' ZL1 rear sway bar.

While I was at it and since an alignment was going to be required I decided to go ahead and upgrade my Toe Rods. Jegs had a set of BMR Toe Rods on sale for $99. I've also being meaning to do something about the stock bushings in the hub for the Trailing Arms. Since I was going to have the car in the air and planned on working on it most of the day I went ahead and bought a set of Pfadt bushings to install as well.

Unfortunately I was to busy working on all the stuff to take pictures like I usually do but I did manage to get a few.

The overall install was not complicated at all. Time consuming but not complicated. The two biggest time consumers were getting the OEM bushings out of the hub and the dealing with the sway bar mounting brackets. Pedders' bars use the factory brackets but I'm not sure that's the best idea when going from a 25mm bar to 32mm. The only way to get them around that big of a bar is to spead them out. Then when you spread them out the tabs for the mounting bolts get out of alignment with the bolt holes. That caused me to have to drill new holes and even after that the bracket didn't mount up flush with the body like I would really prefer it to. I'm going to be looking into a fix for that. Someone suggested the OEM brackets for a ZL1 or probably a 1LE bar.

The whole process from the moment I pulled up into the shop till I drove away took about 9 hrs. That was with me working by myself a good chuck of the time. I did get a hand from my brother and dad when I needed extra ones. Obviously if I were to do it again I could do it in almost half that time.

The next morning I had the car aligned to the Pedders' Aggressive Street specs. The drive to the shop was very intresting. My alignment was really off and any time I hit any small dip in the road the back end of the car would try to shoot off to the right. Even driving straight the back end felt really slippery. I had to drive no more that about 40 mph all the way to the shop. Once the alignment was done though all is good. I don't have much seat time since the upgrade because the weather hasn't been cooperating around here but from my initial drive home the car really sticks to the curves.
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