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Originally Posted by OldScoolCamaro View Post
...all good thoughts. Here's what I'm thinkin'...If the Z is made in 2014, and...I say again if it is, it will not have any designed intention beyond that of a track car to intentionally minor as a drag car. To carry the Z badge, it would have to be well thought out and designed to it's track racing heritage. The name is hallowed, as Scott said. We know there are no real weight savings to be gleaned on this Holden chasis. As much as we clammored for a LS7 in the current body form I do believe we have a better than even shot to get it before the next Gen arrives. Will it be the Z/28? I think not. A limited special edition 427 CID LS7 powered stick shift collector car, with a Pedders, ZL1, and 1LE blend of items? Perhaps...with a name only GM's marketing team knows. I genuinely believe the Z/28 will be introduced with the next Gen and DI.
Would you be disappointed if the possible LS7 Camaro is called a Z28 or do you just think they are saving it for the sixth gen? It looks like they're giving a lot of Camaro fans what they're asking for. To me an LS7 Camaro is definitely worthy of the name. It doesn't need wings and an afterburner. A 2025 Camaro should definitely have the technology worthy of the name but why wait? I thought the general consensus around here was that the 1LE was pretty close but just missing a few ingredients. Looks like we will be getting them.
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