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Originally Posted by 2cnd chance View Post
If the LS7 is put in a 5Gen it WILL be a Z28.

With the 1LE being so capable, adding the LS7, better brakes and such, it WILL be the best Z28 ever. It will kick butt against Porsches, AMGs and other very expensive and capable cars.
...and there you have it...anyone, place your bets....
Originally Posted by PYROLYSIS View Post
Would you be disappointed if the possible LS7 Camaro is called a Z28 or do you just think they are saving it for the sixth gen? It looks like they're giving a lot of Camaro fans what they're asking for. To me an LS7 Camaro is definitely worthy of the name. It doesn't need wings and an afterburner. A 2025 Camaro should definitely have the technology worthy of the name but why wait? I thought the general consensus around here was that the 1LE was pretty close but just missing a few ingredients. Looks like we will be getting them.
...good points, first, we are not sure they will actually do a LS7 Camaro are we? Second, looking out at 2025 is a bit far off for now, and waiting until then for the Z/28 reappearance will not be an issue, as I and you are sure it will come to fruition before that time would you not agree? Just because we, as a tiny minority group within a larger group of Camaro enthusiasts here at C5, who are even a smaller group than the sum total of the Camaro consumer market out there wish for a LS7 Z/28 does not automaticaly mean GM will produce this model, does it? I want it like yourself, but, my gut tells me otherwise, just my O2. I would like to end with I have been known to be wrong before, usually on a daily basis....
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