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Originally Posted by SRT8Tech View Post
Point is the ZL1 is not this GT500 road course killer this thread is making it out to be......Do you by chance drive in the Orange Park area with your ZL1??
That’s like saying the 662 HP shelpy is not killing the road course as it should… It seems like to me with the HP and weight advantage the 13 Shelby has everyone assuming the ZL1 shouldn’t beat it at anything… on paper that would be a good assumption…. It’s simple physics… HP vs Weight… but somehow I guess when the stars are just right, and moon is aligned with venus, the ZL1 seems to defy physics and runs the track better… to be honest I’m still trying to figure out how in the hell that happens, because we all know the laws of physics can’t be broken… unless somehow the ZL1 has magic ride or something……. I think credit should be given where credit is due… the lap time was very good… all that should be said is nice time… not bashing the car… everytime I hear about a great quarter mile time put down by a Shelby, I think it’s great time… love seeing the car move out….. in all things as they are… the time was a great time nothing more nothing less… it is what it is…. Yes, that would be me… I live outside the Orange Park area, and drive thru there on my to and from work… I think I may have seen you in the area as well….

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