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Originally Posted by SRT8Tech View Post
And its even more funny that they gave it the crown even though it lost half of those road course track times and ALL of the 1/4 mile times. Bahhhh, its all good, I guess its got a more comfy ride than the GT500.
Were are you getting these half courses lost to GT500? I know of two out of like 10 comparisons where the Shelby beat the zl1 laptime, and both of those courses it won on the last straightaway due to the power. It won by a few hundreds of a second. However, after 2-3 laps even on some of those tracks the GT500 lost laptime comparisons

The ZL1 is a Shelby killer at the road courses, not even a comparison. Open track day sessions last more than 2 laps you know.

VIR - 3 seconds for ZL1
Monticello with Chris Harris - 2 seconds for ZL1
Motor Trend Laguna Seca - 0.49 for Shelby GT500, lost to ZL1 after 3rd lap
Car and Driver Grattan - Same laptime, GT500 picked up on straightaway,
Road and Track Grattan - 0.5 seconds for ZL1
Insideline Streets of Willow - 0.6 sec GT500 Shelby, again straightaway pick up.
Automobile Mag Gingerman Raceway - 0.7 sec for ZL1, track has three straightaways
Edmunds NOT TRACK but road - ZL1 was smoking GT500 on backroads
AND the Nurnburgring - ZL1 clocked, GT500 showed up and went back home.

If you are a road racer, the ZL1 is lightyears ahead of the GT500. Solid rear, sliding rear calipers, skinny rear tires (my fronts are like the GT500 rears), solid front rotors, and a 57% front weight distribution make the Shelby a not so friendly track car.

Finally, keep in mind the SS 1LE almost showed its behind to the shelby at VIR.

The Shelby is still a very respectable car, the laptimes show it vs. the world, but Ford seriously has to catch up in many areas to keep up with the Camaro. Power is not a problem for American cars and we know GM has motors capable of 640 hp that are based on what the camaro is using. Does Ford have chassis tuning on any car that is superior to the GM vehicles? Hmmmmmmmm...
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