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Originally Posted by SRT8Tech View Post
I give the ZL1 a ton of credit. I said before, to get an over 4000 pound car to do what its doing is just damn good!!! I think the 2013 GT500 is just alot of power to get to the ground and its not happening. Need alot more seat time in the car to get a decent time out of it. Thats the good thing about the ZL1. Its much more easy to drive. It will be interesting to see wht Ford and Chevy put out for the next gen Mustang and Camaro.....
I can agree with that, but will also add, the more seat time in the Z, and it will get better as well..... I love the Shelby... it's a beast... I don't think anyone on Camaro5 or anywhere else can not say otherwise if so, then they are very bias... that’s my opinion..... BTW love what you’re doing with your car... also notice the times you were putting down when you had your Challenger.... Impressive… I’m a fan of all performance cars… If I had the money I would have as many as I can….. right now It’s just the one, but hopefully in the near future I will be adding something else.

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