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And joeybsyc's Z28 would be different than mine. Sure the LS7, but I am enjoying the leather, A\C, high tech suspension, XM, stereo, etc. Chevrolet has a Z28 in the works and I'll bet we'll see a 5th gen Z28 - done right!! They sell cars as a business so if a 5th gen and a 6th gen Z28 creates excitement and sales, you'll see both cars. The Chevrolet pattern is this - new model year release then subsequent packages and upgrades annually. ('10 SS, '11 Vert, '12 ZL1, '13 ZL1 Vert, '14 Z28??) I patiently waited for the ZL1 in year 3 and would have bought one whatever they called it. If Chevrolet builds an LS7 Z28, I'll be first in line. That LS7 in the Vette is awesome!! P.S. - I'm sure the LS7 Z28 will not out perform the Vette.....but I'm okay with the big brother syndrome!
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