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Originally Posted by DanSS24 View Post
MT quote: "you're wondering if maybe the Boss 302 might be a tougher opponent for the SS 1LE. Well, we asked Ford for a Boss and were politely refused. Ford's reasoning was simple: See, the Boss 302 is a distinct and separate model, much like the Camaro ZL1 or the Shelby GT500"

Nice excuse

To me...The Boss 302 is still a Mustang, just like the SS 1LE is still a Camaro. Doesn't really matter though, the more expensive Boss 302 LS still couldn't beat the 1LE, as the VIR times shows.

Embarrassing for Ford!!!

There's only "1" reason that they said that, they (we) knew they would lose. It's funny that they let them get away with that. Didn't they also jack the price of the 1LE way up?
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