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Been emailing Sam Strano. Here is what he said about the sway bars.
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Subject: Sway bar size questions
Hey Sam,
I have a really quick question. Ive been looking all over the internet including your site for a good setup on my V6, 28mm and 15mm is stock for my 01 V6. I have relative stock suspension except a STB, SFCs, and LCAs & PHR. Ive read on V6 camaro forums that it seems that 32mm and 17/19mm. It seems like everyone has their own opinions lol. I drag race my car on weekends and like taking corners fast. Not sure if that helps you out much. Any suggestions would be awesome.
Subject: RE: Sway bar size questions
Date: Thu, 3 Jan 2013 14:04:00 -0500

I run 35/22 hollow bars (fwiw, all GM fronts are already hollow). 32/19 is balance very similarly, but about 30% softer in comparison. Nobody who has switched from the 32/19 to a 35/22 has been sorry they did. Also it might be worth noting that LS1 SS's and WS6's had a rare option called Bilstein Ultra Suspension that had a 35 frotn/21 solid rear as original equipment, so did the SLP built 2001 and 2001 1LE's.
32/19 would be better than stock, I'd never recommend 32/17 that's silly. But if you are going to do it, I'd do the whole deal. And remember a set of bars comes with all new bushings and links... if you get old GM take offs that stuff would cost you some $80 on top of the bar cost and never be as good on roll control.

Sure would.. same chassis and all. What works on the V-8's works on the V-6 (remember your 6 is all cast iron, an LS is all aluminum.. very little actual weight difference. Most all difference is in if you have a 5 speed vs the T56 6 speed. If you have an auto... there is no difference to speak of period.

My bars are a bit more than 20 pounds lighter as the set and cost slightly less to ship. In the end the to the door difference is about $30 between both sets, but you save 20 or more pounds. That's a CHEAP weight savings, nothing else compares to the weight saved for the money.

I carry both because I know that sometimes that $30 matters, but I think it's a bit funny when the price difference is the equivalent of 7.5 gallons of gas, one time and with a tangible savings on weight.
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