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DIY/How-to: How/What fuse to pull for NPP (Dual mode exhaust)

Ok there seems to be some slight confusion as to what fuse to pull for the NPP exhaust modification. My intention is to clear up any confusion. I didn't take alot of pictures but I will take some more tomorrow and update certain areas to make this as painful as possible for those that will be attempting to do this. Install literally took 15mins and thats including fastening the cargo net plastic pieces. The vehicle used was a 2013 2SS/RS 1LE. For those wondering about pulling an engine code, you should not worry. I have not pulled a code thus far and haven't heard of anyone doing so. You only have to pull the fuse, do not pull the relay. This is only for the 2013 Camaro equipped with the NPP (Dual-mode exhaust) and or the 2012+ Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 which are equipped with NPP.

Install/Uninstall Estimate:
10-15mins or less

Flashlight (if neccessary)
Fuse puller (if neccessary)
Trim tool (if neccessary)

Fuse box is located in the trunk on the right side (passenger) behind the carpet panel. The fuse box is located behind the red square.
Name:  IMG_1777.JPG
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If needed there is a fuse puller located in the fuse box which is located underneath the hood. The fuse box is outlined in red.
Name:  IMG_1774.JPG
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1. Unfasten (1) flat black plastic revit
Name:  IMG_1778.JPG
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Name:  IMG_1771.JPG
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2. Unfasten (6) black plastic cargo net screws
Name:  IMG_1779.JPG
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Name:  IMG_1770.JPG
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3. Simply pull back the carpet to access the fuse box located in the trunk on the passenger side. Use a flash light if too dark.
Name:  IMG_1772.JPG
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4. Open the fuse box and locate F8. It should read "EXH FLAP" 10a. Pull the fuse with the fuse puller(located underneath the hood on the left side) if needed.
Name:  IMG_1773.JPG
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5. Now simply repeat steps 1-4 in reverse order to put everything back together. If you want to go back to stock, simply put the F8 fuse back in.

6. With the F8 fuse being pulled now the exhaust flaps will stay open, at any RPM and/or gear. You'll now witness the sound of god at any given time.

I hope this clears up some confusion on what to do and which fuse to pull. Any questions please feel free to ask, I can try and help the best way I can. Keep in mind also your stock 2013 Camaro with NPP, the exhaust flaps will stay open at idle/start up. This mod is only makes the flaps stay open all the time.

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