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Let me be the first mustang owner to congratulate the Camaro SS 1LE at beating a Premium Brembo mustang around a road course, and equaling it in the 1/4 mile(.1 less mph).

The rear end gearing has made up the difference in weight at the drag strip for any stock premium mustang gt OR any premium Brembo mustang gt.

The 1LE is also faster around a road course than a Boss, Boss LS, and base Brembo GT.

What the 1LE is not faster than is a Boss, Boss LS, or BASE 3.73 Brembo GT at the strip. I bet its a very close race to the $29.7k BASE Brembo GT though.

Originally Posted by PYROLYSIS View Post
Ford wussed out big time by not letting them have a Boss. We all know what the outcome would have been.

1LE murders the Boss LS on a road course and the Boss LS MURDERS the 1LE at the strip.
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