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Originally Posted by 73vette View Post
If you look at his website, it has.... PICTURES.... OF CARS!!! Just like he says. He wants pictures of nice cars to attract people to his site to increase traffic and possible sales. $2 for e-mailing your pictures you already have sitting on your computer sounds pretty generous.. just sayin.
And, don't forget about the profit sharing possibility also. December's total profit sharing up for grabs was $109. Details on how the money is payed out is available on the site (look for Revenue/Profit sharing link near the bottom of the page). Each person that has uploaded pictures is eligible, and you receive a percentage of the profit sharing based upon how many approved pictures you've uploaded. For example, there are 1237 pictures currently on the site. If half of those were "yours", you would have received half of the $109 (or $54.50). Keep in mind your "percentage" needs to equate to at least $1 to receive payment for a given month.
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