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i know there are a few people wanting to see the IBM with CGM hood stripes on it. I am one of those people. I spoke with a board member who should hopefully have some pictures soon. I also have a buddy who is going to try to photo shop the colors together for me and I will get the picture posted as soon as he has it available. He apparently is having issues with the program that he uses.

I dropped by a dealership yesterday. They had a CGM 2SS on the floor that the customer (who has already taken delivery) allowed the dealership to show off the car for a week while the customer went on vacation. The CGM is a gorgeous second choice . The CGM camaro was parked next to a IBM Truck. although it was parked inside, I could tell the combo is going to be amazing. I opened the truck door to get it as close to the cgm camaro to see the contrast (trust me, it wasnt close enough to ding the sistine chapel of modern car design), and if I had the money and credit cards paid off, I would have dropped everything an ordered right then and there. The combo is rediculously gorgous. cant wait for some actual pics

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