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Light Installs


LED dome light (much brighter than the stock bulb. love the color. at first, it seems a little weird because it doesnt seem like natural light, but after a while, you get used to it.)

LED trunk light (not that big of a difference in light intensity. color is certainly different though)

LED license plate lights (nicer white color to look at instead of that halogen glow)

LED clear reverse lights (from AAC and damn are they bright. makes a ton of difference backing up at night. install was very easy and straightforward. able to take the bumper off by myself. if i can do it, anyone can do it)

Chrome turn signal bulbs (to get rid of that ugly yellow color)

LED Fog lights (I have the plasma lights and they are a little more blue than the stock hids and halos. The led versions match a little better but I read a lot about the individual leds slowly failing and falling off... so i think i will just deal with the extra blue tint... Install wasn't too bad. The bulbs fit into the housing quite well but the connector didn't snap on like it did on the OEM bulb. it doesnt seem like it will fall off though so its all good)

DRL harness (this was sort of a pain in the ass to do with the wheel still on the car. i dont have a jack so i had no choice. if you do this install, remove the front wheels. it will be much easier and give you a lot more room to pull back the wheel well liner and get both arms in there to snap those t connectors on with pliers.)

If y'all have any questions about details on install or any certain pic requests, let me know. I'll be glad to help.
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