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Originally Posted by Angrybird 12 View Post
So motortrend was Lame because they tested a 2SS 1LE against a Mustang GT Premimum with the Track Pack package because the Camaro cost $4,000 more than the Mustang. Then we have those saying the Boss LS would have beed a closer race if they had used it. well, I just priced a Boss LS on Fords website and it listed for $49,990. the Camaro SS 1LE listed for $43,105. so that is over $7,800 difference.
In that account by some peoples reasoning on here the Boss LS should beat the Camaro SS 1LE almost twice as badly as the Camaro SS 1LE beat the Mustang GT.

Remember MT WANTED to use a Boss LS to test against the SS 1LE but it was FORD'S decision not to do it. So don't blame MT for being lame, Blame Ford for being the LAME ONE.

A 1SS/1LE is only around $37K or about 1/3 of the 1LE's price again comparing it to the Boss LS. If your buying a 1LE or a Boss LS who needs the fluff anyway?
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