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Exclamation Rideskinz Aeroblade Low Profile Wing now available!!!


Once again, Rideskinz Design has come though on its promise to produce the low profile wing that everyone has been asking for. The Aeroblade design is the perfect addition to your Camaro to give it that aggressive look that everyone craves while still maintaining that low profile and sleek look. The Aeroblade Wing comes in high quality fiberglass or super lightweight (autoclaved) carbon fiber. That's right, true carbon fiber through and through! No fiberglass with a carbon fiber veneer like some companies offer.

The Aeroblade Wing also mounts to the existing stock trunk mounting holes. It is recommended that two additional holes be drilled in order to fasten the wing posts to the trunk lid. Use of high tack double stick tape or silicone adhesive on the bottom side of the posts is also recommended to fully secure the wing.

Group buy terms and conditions
The group buy sale will run on the forum for 3 weeks. Production will begin once the group buy is over and we have a minimum of 12 people signed up and deposits are paid. These deposits will also help with tooling costs, so the sooner we have a minimum of 12 people signed up with deposits paid, the sooner we can get the ball rolling.
The initial deposit needs to be received by Wednesday, January 30th when the group buy ends in order to ensure your spot on the group buy list.
This group buy will also be on a first come, first serve basis. So basically the first to sign up and send in their initial deposit get priority positioning. This $250 deposit will be non-refundable so we can start producing the pieces. Once your Aeroblade Wing is completed and ready to ship, the remaining balance will be due.
Once the wings are finished, it will take an additional 2-4 weeks to ship them out.

High-Quality Hand Laid Fiberglass (paint option available, PM or email for pricing)
Group buy sale price: $475 SHIPPED!

Super Strong and Lightweight Autoclaved Carbon Fiber (paint option available, PM or email for pricing)

Group buy sale price: $585 SHIPPED!

Payments can be sent via Paypal to Please include your shipping address, phone number, email address and Camaro5 screen name. If you would like pay with a credit card, please PM and we'll set up the payment. We accept VISA®, MasterCard®, Discover® and American Express®.
  • Once the group buy sale is over, we will not offer the Rideskinz Aeroblade Low Profile Wing at this sale price again. So get your name on that list!

Let the list begin!

Sent in deposit for the Rideskinz Aeroblade Low Profile Wing:

1. MGD- fiberglass (unpainted)
2. sam.u.el- carbon fiber (unpainted)
Fenrir- carbon fiber
4. Chef Camaro- fiberglass (Summit White)
DarkDragonAn- fiberglass (unpainted)
6. Rhyder- carbon fiber

7. WarWolfX0- carbon fiber
8. HP_atTheWheels- fiberglass (Factory Black)
9. ZombieEatsYou- carbon fiber
10. Amn_Bly- fiberglass (Imperial Blue Metallic)

11. gbmike- fiberglass (matte black)

*Minimum of 12 buyers required before tooling and production can begin

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